My excursion to France Summer 2011


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5:Talk about the best birthday you’ve had.

I would have to say this year because it was the first time someone else threw me a party.  My best friend invited all my friends and we had cake and drank and played cards against humanity. It was a good time.

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Yes indeed.


Just a friendly PSA to anyone who hasn’t also followed my active blog.   Because I didn’t know how tumblr worked when I first started, my default is not my personal. is my active blog.  I think I’ve caught most people, but just in case I figured I would post. Have a nice night!

Just a friendly PSA to anyone who hasn’t also followed my active blog.   Because I didn’t know how tumblr worked when I first started, my default is not my personal. is my active blog.  I think I’ve caught most people, but just in case I figured I would post. Have a nice night!

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New blog

So this blog is completed, since I’m obviously back from France and I’m not going back any time soon (SAD FACE!)  But, I’m not writing a blog about oral surgery and just my life in general right now (mostly surgery).  If you are interested please see

Hope I can help a few people with my experiences!

Aug 1

France, and how I miss it

So today is Monday and I’ve been back in North America for about two days now. I’m staying at Suzy’s which is awesome and yesterday was a really great day, but now that I am kinda back into a normal routine in Canada, I realize how much I miss France.  There was something about speaking French every day that I loved, and I wish my trip had been longer so I could have experienced more. All the people I met along the way were so amazing and I love the friends I have made along the way. Some of them were people I would never imagine would be friends with, but in fact they were the people I miss the most right now.  

I know that the Toronto kids are easily available but there are some of the international kids that I feel like I will never see. This is super melodramatic, but I like it…. I need to get this out so I can go into my second year being the person I was in France.

No one, and I mean no one, looked at me funny for my mouth and everyone was so amazing about it. I didn’t feel self conscious and there is something about getting cat called while wearing a hoodie and a bright red rain (I looked like a tomato) jacket that boosts your self confidence. Though after a while the people standing outside of bars yelling at me got old. 

Okay I’m done.. But I loved France so much and want to go back! I’m so glad that my parents were willing to pay for me to go on the trip! It was a great month of my life, and even though my class wasn’t great, it was still really interesting and I got to visit some amazing places. 

To anyone thinking about doing a summer abroad, go for it! If you guys want anymore information about the France trip, let me know! 

Aug 1

Day 29 and 30 (I guess travel days count)

Okay so Friday was my last day in Tours, which was kinda the worst thing ever. We only had like an hour of class and most of that was spent telling Madame what she could do better next year. Apparently I was the only one willing to say that I thought the crazy specific questions were absolutely insane and should not be allowed, or at least not carry as much weight as they seemed to…. Whatever, I got a 90 on my last essay, so I’m going to do well in the class even with the tests. 

So after class I went out in the courtyard to talk to people and say goodbye to the ones that were leaving right after class. It was really sad to see the people I had spent so much time with over the past month leave and go their separate ways. It’s one of those moments where everyone says they will go and visit the other, but in the back of your head, you know no one ever will. Nevertheless we all say it and hug and then go on our merry ways. Maybe its better that way.

Anyway, after a bit of that, I went to lunch with one of the Toronto people at a Middle Eastern restaurant that he obviously frequented often, since all the staff knew him and his order. It was cheap and tasty, so I have no complaints. Afterwards I went to the macaron store to buy stuff for Suzy’s family, and then went to Primtemps with Max, Angelica, and Steph. Afterwards I went home, and then went out with Christine for dinner in Place Plume. We had crepes and I think it was a really nice last meal in Tours. Then I found Devon and Heather and we hung out and went out with some other Toronto girls. I was not as fun as Thursday night, but it was still a good ending.

The next morning at 5:45 the bus left for Paris. Christine drove me to the Institute and then we said our final goodbyes.  I then spent the 4 hours bus riding mostly sleeping and when not sleeping I was shivering because our air-co vents were broken…. Yay -.-

We got to the airport way too early and checked in and everything and then went into the terminal to have lunch. I didnt have an official seat yet which was worrying but it was okay, since I ended up in the upper deck. I got back to Toronto around 4 but then had to wait forever for my bag. Eventually I got out and found Suzy and we went to Nathan’s grandparents’ for dinner. I passed out at 8pm and slept for 13 hours. I was officially back.

Days 27 and 28

On Wednesday we went to a chocolate store that makes all the items in the back of the store. They make a bunch of different Touraine specialites, the weirdest of which is a prune stuffed with apricot jelly stuff (I don’t remember the actual name). It wasn’t too bad, but the apricot stuff has rum in it, which was overpowering. There were a bunch of other things that were really great. After that we just kinda chilled in Tours and I finished my paper. In the evening we went out to dinner at  one of the three Chinese restaurants in Tours. We then went to La Guingette for the final party for the Institute. This consisted of a bunch of students singing, some of them pretty badly. The dancing afterwards was really nice and I definitely enjoyed my night.

Thursday in class we had a weird “Tour of France” though sounds, smells, and tastes. It was just not a great presentation, and it was a bit strange in a culture of Touraine class, but whatever. In the afternoon I just chilled and took a nap and then met some people at the residences before going out. We hung out in Place Plume and went to a couple bars and then ended up at Cafe Chaud, which is a dance club basically. The place lives up to its name, the dance floor is tiny, packed, and overheated. I still really enjoyed it, it was nice to just let loose for a while. I cannot believe that there is one day left for me in Tours. On saturday I’ll write a final post with Friday and my reflections.

I would like to just say to everyone who I’ve met on this trip and all my friends: Thank you so much for making this experience what it was. I had so much fun and I will never forget it.